Contributing Content

If you would like to contribute content please see the current call. 

FAME accepts a range of different media, your resource could be:

  • A word document (no more than 2 sides of A4)
  • A slideshow
  • An audio-visual resource

We encourage contributors to share their resources using a creatives common licence.

FAME accepts resources which achieve one of the following aims (please review the existing content on the website to see how to structure your resource):

  • An overview of a key reading related to the A Level specifications.
  • A topic summary, i.e. introducing postmodernism through a particular theorist or approach using quotes and including definitions of key terms.
  • A case study analysis, i.e. applying postmodernism to a particular television series, video game or magazine, introducing theoretical ideas through analysis, including quotes and explaining key terms as they are integrated.

FAME encourages the sharing of pedagogy via Twitter. If you have some great teaching ideas related to the resources shared on this site, please follow us on Twitter and participate in the online chats. We will share contributors’ great teaching ideas on our blog, fully crediting you.

Twitter: @filmandmedianet



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