The Film and Media Education Network (or FAME) offers a digital space where academics and school teachers (including those working in FE and sixth forms) can share ideas related to theory, case studies and pedagogy.

FAME believes we teach best when we share with others, learn from others, and talk with each other. Teachers in the UK have historically gone through rigorous teacher training as have a growing number of people who teach in universities. Media and film researchers are at the forefront of our subjects, exploring historical ways to analyse different forms, and developing future approaches.

FAME was born out of the question: what would happen if we all brought our knowledge together? How could classroom teachers have easy access to the latest subject-specific research? How could researchers benefit from learning how teachers might use their ideas in the classroom?

FAME is an organic project. It relies on YOU to continue to grow. If you are an expert in a particular area of the curriculum, we welcome short summary resources. At the moment we are prioritising theoretical resources related to the forthcoming new Media A Level specifications. If you have great teaching ideas related to our subject material, please follow us on Twitter and take part in our live Twitter chats. We will Storify the discussions and share them in the blog on this site, so you can easily access them.


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